Below are samples of some of my carving, both finished and "in process."  I am adept at matching many desired styles.  Where carvings look less refined it is by design and served to meet my clients' wishes.  I can carve "in the round," as Happy Buddha demonstrates, and on turned and flat surfaces.  Design is another skill I bring to the process.  All of the design for the turnings and carving on the pictured stairway is mine (there are more complete pictures on the Architectural Turning page).  The acanthus filigree design was a form from which a mold was taken to create an applique.  I therefore carved the leaves separately and then glued them to a flat background.  I use many kinds of tools in my work including a chainsaw, Lancelot, various flex shaft tools, a die grinder, tiny burrs in a motorized hand piece, and traditional hand chisels.  The chisels are my favorite.  Hand carving is a tedious yet zen-like process that I find tremendously enjoyable an rewarding.