Caring for your Wood Bowl


These wooden bowls are carefully crafted to last a lifetime and, indeed, to be passed to the next generation. I take the extra step in their creation of "raising the grain." Once sanded almost to final finish I wet them with water. This swells the fibers. When dry the bowl is resanded to "knock the grain down" again. After this the grain shouldn't "raise" again under normal use. The bowl is then finished with Walnut Oil and Bee's wax. This provides a food safe, durable, easily renewable finish.

Care is simple. Once or twice a year or when the wood surface begins to look dry, simply apply a liberal coat of Wallnut Oil. Let it soak in and then wipe off any excess. You can't put on too much, but don't let a pool of oil dry on the surface. Let it dry overnight and then I like to apply a coat of a Walnut Oil - Bee's Wax mixture. Let it dry for a while and then buff with a soft cloth. This adds a nice, soft sheen to your bowl.

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Should the bowl get so wet that the grain swells again it can be smoothed by a light sanding with 320 grit wet dry sandpaper, available at most hardware stores.

Any bowl which suffers damage may be returned to me for repair and/or refinishing if necessary. There would be a reasonable fee for this service in most cases.